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gammes GRETEL

Electric boilers, backup heating system GRETEL
The choice of heating mode is always performed using the following criteria: comfort, amount of investment, maintenance requirements, long life materials and energy costs.
The boiler GRETEL solution becomes relevant and is an alternative to other generators and other energy sources, for standalone operation or backup of renewable energy.
Slab heating module 65.14
Unique ! For heating Professionals !
Respect conformity with standards for warm-up of slab heating with "boiler suitcase" of GRETEL. Its portable design and built-in controller/programer allows a simple implementation and a time saver.
Sanitary and technical hot water
Instantaneous or semi-instantaneous
Many applications
Hair salon, steam bath, wash, wash bay horses, camping toilet block, aquabiking, hatchery, hotel, canteen, ...
Exclusive GRETEL - 2 circuits Boiler BIZON
2 Boilers in one
Direct connection to two central heating circuits. Power and control of two independent areas :
> slab heating + Radiators
> Two areas of slab heating
> Two areas of radiators