Electric booster heater module solar / wood / heat pump

from 6 to 18 kW

The essential solution regulated heater

Any circuit solar or wood heating with storage tank needs a booster to ensure continuous comfort.


The AE.SOLAIRE meet this requirement to make all possible savings.It uses the best free calories stored in the storage tank due to its modulating valve regulated depending on the outside temperatureWhen stored calories in the storage tank are not enough, the electric booster heater is gradually put into service, still under the control of regulation.The calories produced by AE.SOLAIRE module are sent directly to the central heating circuit always to guarantee savings.
Equipment and functionality enable it to perform booster heater both on underfloor heating (LT) or radiator network.
On radiator network, it is also appropriate to provide the KITECS option for the addition "hot water" if necessary.


The booster heater usage is optimized and the AE.SOLAIRE preserves economies always giving priority to calories present in the storage tank.
If the diverter valve is not provided with the installation, GRETEL offers the "DIFF" option which consists in integrating and providing a differential thermostat with a diverter valve to isolate the storage tank when the heating return is hotter than the departure.
    • Heating body in stainless steel insulation M0
    • Immersion heater on flange
    • Pump with adjustable speed
    • Safety valve
    • Automatic purge
    • Thermo-manomètre
    • Aquastat 0/90° (Radiator) ou 0/50° (Low temp)
    • Manual reset thermal safety 95° (Radiator) ou 60° (Low temp)
    • Main power safety cut
    • Water pressure switch
    • Relays Contactors
    • Stages delay
    • Electronic control depending on the outside temperature
    • 3-way valve modulating
    • Connector 3/4-inch for storage tank
    • Electric terminal board
    • Bornier de régulation
    • Terminals shedding
  • DIFFDifferential thermostat + diverter valve
    KITECS1Production kit ECS for heat exchanger
    KITECS2Production kit ECS for storage tank
    VASE25Expansion tank 25 liters
    • Supply voltages :
    • from 3 to 12 kW : TRI 400 V + N or MONO 230 V
    • from 15 to 18 kW : TRI 400 V + N
    • Dimensions : 600 x 410 x 250
    • Weight : 30 Kg
    • Outputs : 1-inch Female
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