Heater booster module solar, wood, oil, heat pump

Many heating systems become multi-energy. These are very interesting solutions to reduce energy bills and take advantage of different pricing options and renewable energy.
GRETEL has been developing many heating solutions adapted to different configurations depending on the associated energy, in booster mode or full heating to ensure safety and comfort permanent.
Electric booster systems GRETEL are the simplest and most obvious solutions to implement.
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AES - Electric heater booster module solar / wood / heat pump
  • AE.SOLAIRE from 6 to 18kW
For a multi-energy efficient system!
Direct connection with integrated control and modulating valve
Simple installation after the storage tank (solar, wood or heat pump)
Safety and reliability
Electric Reheater - REC
  • REC from 6 to 18 kW
In addition to your existing installation (Gaz, Oil, Heat pump, ...)
In addition to any other generator
On any central heating circuit