BIZON - Two zones, wall-mounted electric boiler

from 6 to 18 kW

UNIQUE ! a GRETEL innovation

Specially designed to control two central heating circuits.

Born of a patent (No. FR2828270), the electric boiler BIZON developed by GRETEL is unique and allows direct connection to two channels for independent central heating and optimal control of each zone for comfort and economy.
It is available from 6 to 18 kW. This boiler combines simplicity and reliability with an electromechanical equipement quality, efficient immersion heater on flange and a heater body in stainless steel for corrosion resistance.


Originally designed to equip a low temperature underfloor heating circuit (LT) and a radiator circuit (R), they can also be recommended for control of two areas of the same nature, such as day and night area.
=> two networks radiators
=> two floor heating circuits
=> one network radiators + one floor heating circuit


In the same set, the BIZON consists of two distinct boilers, each adapted to a circuit.This structure allows a connection to each circuit without the use of additional hydraulic accessories. The operation of each heating element is independent and is regulated separately. Just one expansion tank is to install: GRETEL patent.


Very interesting, each heater can be equipped with a power of 3, 4, 6, 7.5 or 9kW. The addition of the powers assigned to each zone defines the total power and the reference of the corresponding BIZON.
Example: Radiators area (R) 6 kW / floor heating area (LT) 4 kW Ref. "BIZON10 6R/4BT" (BT means Low Temperature)
    • Heating body in stainless steel insulation M0
    • Immersion heater on flange
    • Safety valve
    • Water pressure switch
    • Silent Relays Contactors
    • Main power safety cut
    • Electric terminal board, Terminals shedding

    Radiator network area Equipment(R)

    • Thermo-manometer
    • Aquastat 0/90°
    • Manual reset thermal safety 95°
    • Pump with adjustable speed

    floor heating area Equipment(LT)

    • Thermometer
    • Aquastat 0/50°
    • Manual reset thermal safety 60°
    • Pump with adjustable speed
  • REGULCElectronic control depending on the outside temperature
    ARMProgramming Clock (to associate with REGULC/REGUL2Z)
    DEL013Shedding relay MONO 3 outputs


    REGUL2ZElectronic control on two zones depending on the outside temperature
    TARoom thermostat
    TEPPProgrammable electronic room thermostat
    THRADIOwireless electronic room thermostat
    VASE25Expansion tank 25 liters
    COTELPhone remote command RTC
    GESTIMEnergy meter MONO 63A
    • Supply voltages :
    • from 6 to 13 kW : TRI 400 V + N or MONO 230 V
    • from 14 to 18 kW : TRI 400 V + N (MONO 230 V on demand)
    • Dimensions : 600 x 410 x 350
    • Weight : 32 Kg
    • Outputs : 3/4-inch female
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