Boilers for central heating

As part of a renovation or a new home, our boilers are a solution that has many advantages: clean, silence, simplicity, reliability, safety, lack of maintenance, comfort, gentle and gradual heat yield close to 100 % ...
Solo or duo with other generators, the boilers GRETEL are a reasonable investment and they can adapt to changes and regulations of energy price.
Discover our solutions
SCAV/DCSV - from 1 to 27Kw
  • SCAV from 1 to 12kW
  • DCSV from 14 to 27kW
Wall mounted
Clean and quiet
reduced footprint
Simple operation
Lack of maintenance
Simple power adjustment
Yield close to 100%
Solo or duo with other systems
Extended warranties (3 and 7 years)
S - from 6 to 48Kw
  • S - from 6 to 48kW
On the ground
Complete boiler ready to fix
Heating body in stainless steel 25 liters, 7 years warranty
Simple and reliable
Simple power adjustment
Ideal for installation in boiler room
BIZON - 6 to 18Kw - TWO CIRCUITS, a GRETEL innovation!
  • BIZON from 6 to 18kW
GRETEL patent, only one expansion tank for two separate circuits
Management and control of two independent central heating circuits
ECO function: maximize your savings
Direct connection to two circuits:
  • Floor heating + radiators
  • Floor Heating + underfloor heating
  • Radiators + Radiators
Adapted power for each circuit from 1 to 9Kw per zone
Simplicity - Reliability
MINI - from 1 to 6Kw
  • MINI from 1 to 6kW
Compact with small dimensions
Any incorporated
Power adjustable easily
Complete, ready to install
Clean and quiet
Slab heating module 65.14
  • 65.14 6 Kw
  • 65.14 7.5 Kw
Getting the first heats of underfloor heating
Direct connection to the collector (built-in safeguards)
Integrated program of drying
Single or Three phase electrical connections
Can also be used as boiler for troubleshooting