Domestic hot water (tertiary, community, industrial)

What are the common features of a hair salon, a steam room, a car wash, a laundry, a cleaning station, a wash bay horse, a toilet block camping, a aquabiking club, a shrimp hatchery ...?
All use electric hot water generators instantaneous or semi-instantaneous GRETEL of 9 to 300 kW of GENECS and SK range, with the reliability of the integrated food service water heating, technical, exchanger,etc.
Depending on the application, please contact our engineering department for assistance in advocating with the "tailor-made" determination of enabling devices to precise specifications.
Domestic hot water generator 9 to 33 kW - GENECS
  • GENECS 9 à 33 kW
Production of domestic hot water and technical
Hair salons, car washes
Hotels, restaurants, campsites
Hospitals, clinics
Collective, process
Spa, aquabiking ...
Integrated Boiler with exchanger from 36 to 300 Kw - SK
  • SK from 36 to 300 kW
Domestic hot water: factory assembly ready to install
Primary: Complete kit with electric boiler and his cabinet + plates exchanger INOX316L
Direct connection to the buffer tank ECS or drawoffs
Performance & Reliability