Heat exchangers for pools

from 17 to 80 kW

Heat your pool with your central heating system

TRANSFER, the group exchanger with plates, provides the heat exchange between the boiler and the circuit pool using technology plate heat exchanger.

Exchanger stainless steel or Titanium 316L

Fully equipped and wired with waterproof plug on 230V+T outlet, it is connected to the heating circuit like a radiator and controls the temperature of the pool water through its regulator with digital display.
If the comfort temperature is not reached, he ordered the heating boiler. Once the desired temperature is reached, it stops the operation of the boiler and the circulation of hot water in the exchanger.
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    • Stainless steel heat exchanger 316L (chlorine) ref: TRANS
    • TITANIUM heat exchanger (salted water) ref: TRANSTI
    • Waterproof male connector for socket 230V + earth
    • Contact auxiliaire de commande brûleur chaudière
    • Contact auxiliaire d'asservissement à la filtration
    • Primary
    • Circulator
    • Non return valve
    • Drain faucet
    • Secondary
    • Digital display regulator with sensor
    • Electric wiring : MONO 230 V
    • Dimensions : H660 x L440 x P400
    • Weight : 23 à 27 Kgs
    • Mains outputs : 1-inch Female
    • Secondary outputs : 1 1/4-inch Female
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