Industrial boiler TRT500

from 36 to 96 kW

Stainless Steel boiler

In a unique design, the industrial electric boiler TRT500, is built ALL STAINLESS STEEL, heater elements and cabinet.
Complete, it arises in the wall or floor and is ideal for various applications including food processing in the context of a special electricity prices
- collective central heating circuits (radiators, underfloor heating, fan heaters, accumulation ...)
- auxiliary heating or over other generators
- equipment of a primary circuit upstream of a heat exchanger for heating domestic hot water, technical, process, ...


Performance close to 100%, more effective, cleaner, smaller, with less maintenance than fuel boiler, the electric boiler TRT500 constitutes an advantageous alternative to other generators with a reduced cost of installation and optimum safety.
INOX material contributes to sustainable development and offers clear advantages:
- Good mechanical strength
- Corrosion resistance and safety
- Chemical neutrality and longevity
- Pressure resistance
- Recyclable "at infinity"
Its clever design incorporates components known for their reliability. His power is adjustable and automatic control engages the different stages timed according to needed energy.
    • Heating body in stainless steel BI-TUBE insulation M0
    • Stainless steel electric cabinet
    • Immersion heater on flange
    • Water pressure switch
    • Safety valve 4 bars with manometer
    • Main switch
    • Thermo-nanometer
    • Control and signaling panel
    • Electic regulation on 3 stages
    • Controller with digital display
    • Fuses protection
    • Timing Relays Contactors
    • Thermostat 0/90°C (R) or 0/50°C (LT)
    • Thermal safety with manual reset 95°C (R) or 60°C (LT)
  • TRI220Wiring TRI 220V
    TRI400VNWiring TRI 400V+N
    POMPEControl and external circulator protection (on request)
    FLUSSFlow control
    • tri 400V connection WITHOUT NEUTRAL
    • Dimensions (cm) : 1000 x 800 x 300
    • Weight : 90/100 Kg
    • Outputs : 2-inch Male
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