Our services

Our technicians and engineers put their expertise at your service to provide you with relevant professional response whether for the determination of a device, its implementation or technical assistance.


For safety and ethical reasons, traceability is at the heart of the quality of our products.
It helps us to continually improve our overall process of production and distribution. Thus, the traceability of our equipment is part of the supply phase of our components until the end of life of our products.

The Hotline

For the determination of a product, some advice or to receive telephone support on site during installation, please contact our customer service by email at or by phone on +335 6332 5303.

After-Sales Service

Recognized for decades, GRETEL's after-sales service is unique and able to assist you with relevance, efficiency and speed throughout the life cycle of your device.
During the implementation of the material, we validate the overall operation of the facility with you. Thanks to the identification of the components, assitance is simple, fast, effective and approved of by all our customers.
The after-sales service can also diagnose the source of a potential problem with a simple phone call for immediate shipping of all found defective part.


From the design to the delivery of your device, our commitment to quality is our strength:
  • Our carefully-selected components meet the criteria of performance and robustness.
  • The construction of our equipment fits in a precise and rigorous process to ensure that the product meets the technical and environmental standards.
  • Each unit is individually tested in hydraulic and electrical operation, before shipment.
  • Our carrier partners are committed to traceability and timeliness.
  • Our household appliance range is covered by unique three-year warranty for the electro-mechanical equipment and seven-year warranty for the heater.